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Chinese meat natural flavor ingredients product technology innovation and industry safety expert seminar held in Tianjin
Date: 2016-07-16
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Chinese meat natural flavoringredients product technology innovation and industry safety expert seminarsite.

Tianjin Channel, Xinhuanet 28 May (ReporterSun Honglei)  On 19th – 20th May, sponsoredby Chinese Institute of food science and technology, hosted by the ChineseInstitute of food science and technology food additives branch, organized byTianjin Chunfa group, the  "Chinesemeat natural flavor ingredients product technology innovation and industrysafety expert seminar” held in Tianjin, Director of the Chinese Institute offood science and technology, Mrs. Meng Suhe, Academician of the Chinese Academyof engineering, Mr. Sun Baoguo, Executive Vice President of China CondimentAssociation, Mr. Wei Changyun and the leaders from the government and the researchinstitutions, food industry leading enterprises attend the meeting. The nextpage.

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According to Director Mrs. Meng Suhe, China is the largest producer ofseasonings, with the rapid development of food industry and consumption demandof natural green food, using modern production technology to realize thetraditional seasoning production industrialization, the use of naturalmaterials and convenience has become the trend of industry development andissues. At the seminar, Academician Sun Baoguo’s "Using the moderntechnology to achieve the industrialization of traditional flavor", ExecutiveVice President of China Condiment Association, Mr. Wei Changyun’s "Naturalmeat flavor development trend", Yangzhou University Professor ZhuYunlong's "Natural seasoning products in the food and beverage industry developmentand Prospect”, all these keynote speeches are warmly welcome. The experts andbusiness representatives had a lively discussion and communication, they all havesuggestions on development and innovation of Chinese condiment industry. Theybelieve it makes clearly on the development and strategic of industry at theseminar and promote the condiment industry technology innovation and food safety to meet the consumers demand ofthe flavor food.  Visit site.

During the meeting, leaders and expertsvisited Tianjin Chunfa group the savory flavor and compound seasoning modern productionbase. They evaluated the pure chicken powder and pure chicken oil, which antioxidantresearch technology, production control praised by experts and delegates whobelieve it is a breakthrough to solve the problem of the natural antioxidantwith a demonstration effect. It is understood that the natural purechicken powder is made of high quality chicken, used high temperature and highpressure cooking technology combined with the physical orientation flavortechnology to extract and effective retain the concentrated natural chickenjuice aroma, taste and nutritional ingredients. This product has the followingsignificant features: (1) Do not add any fragrance, freshness and flavouringredients; (2) Using the kitchen process to retain the traditional family chicken aroma, taste and nutrition with protein content upto 70%; (3) Using the physical orientation flavor technology, increase the strongmellow taste and aftertaste, better effect than similar products; (4) Hightemperature resistance for a long time stewed and boiled, 调味 long-lasting aroma and taste.

Tianjin Chunfa group is a leading enterprise which specialized inthe production of savory food flavor and compound seasoning with a history ofmore than 20 years. As the pioneer of Chinese savory food flavor, Tianjin Chunfagroup developed and research on using the natural raw materials with the biologicaltechnology and special physical processing method to manufacture the natural savoryflavor, natural extracts and natural seasonings, such as pork ribs, chicken,beef and seafood, the series of natural products. Currently, Tianjin Chunfagroup has been built an annual capacity of 3000 tons of natural pure chickenpowder and 2000 tons of natural pure chicken oil production line, which becomethe leading in the field of natural meat flavor ingredients in China.

The holding of the seminar,, will certainly promote the furtherdevelopment of the natural meat flavor ingredients industry in China, which support the upgrading oftraditional food industry in Chinawith more technology