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Tianjin flavor food ingredient enterprise key laboratory annual meeting and technology development seminar expert Insight
Date: 2016-07-16
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 Currently food consumption and food industry development need thenatural, healthy and green trend. How does savory flavor and compound seasoningindustry innovate and develop? On May 19, Tianjin Chunfa Bio-Technology GroupCo., Ltd. held the first "Academic Committee of Tianjin flavor food ingredient enterprise keylaboratory annual meeting and savory flavors, compound seasoning TechnologySeminar". The leaders from China Condiment Industrial Association andTianjin Chunfa Group, the experts and scholars from the domestic food industry andthe universities together discussed the Chinese savory food flavor and compoundseasoning technology development direction. It is a professional meeting, whichreveal the development of the industry new thinking, new ideas, newtechnologies.

   Tianjin Chunfa group General Manager Mr.Xing Haiming spoke highly of the experts together with the enterprises to studythe technology innovation and development of the industry, which willeffectively promote the healthy development of the savory flavor and compoundseasoning industry. Based on Tianjin Chunfa group, Tianjincity flavor food ingredients Enterprise Key Laboratory was founded in 2013, successivelyestablished a long-term partnership with Tianjin University of Science andTechnology, Tianjin industrial biotechnologyresearch institute of Chinese academy ofsciences and other universities and research institutions, which published manytechnological achievements and patented technology to solve many technicalproblems. Mr. Xing Haiming pointed out that in the development strategy ofTianjin Chunfa group, university-industry-research cooperation will be the keymode, and they will seek all-round further cooperation, continue to increase R& D investment, focus on solving the common technical problems ofenterprise and industry, so as to achieve the core competitiveness ofenterprises and promote the industrial Chain upgrade as ambitious goals.

   From today, wewill continuously published the experts and scholars summary report of theannual meeting in <additive ingredients > weekly. Please read.