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Tianjin Chunfa Group New Products showed in 2016 FIC
Date: 2016-07-16
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 Tianjin Chunfa Group New Products showed in 2016FIC


From 23rd March to 25 March 2016, yearly food additivefeast – “12 Food Ingredients China”(2016FIC) held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai, China.Known as the Asia's largest , mostinternational and authoritative food additives and ingredients industryprofessional exhibition, FIC attracted a lot of food additives exhibitors whichintroduced many new products. Tianjin Chunfa group, which has been in the savoryflavour fields for many years, also will not miss this opportunity to showtheir own strength.

Tianjin Chunfa Group still insist on natural, green productdevelopment philosophy, mainly introduce the natural products. With thecontinuous improvement of people's healthy living quality, how to reduce theintake of salt in food has become a hot topic in the industry, Tianjin Chunfagroup develop the good effect of the Sodium Reduction product named “SaltReduction flavour”. This product can be 100% replacement of salt, without decreasingthe performance, reducing the sodium about 43% to reduce the health risks. Thisproduct supply the salty, umami aroma and mellow feeling. The raw materials isnatural ingredients which contains small peptides, is a healthy functionalseasoning products. Meanwhile, Tianjin Chunfa Group introduced the naturalshrimp powder, natural scallop powder and etc. The natural scallop powder madeby the kitchen cooking process, using the directional enzyme technology,Maillard reaction technology to enhance the overall aroma, with morecost-effective advantage. The natural products and reduce sodium products inthe booth attracted many customers attention

There are a lot of customers come to Chunfa’sboothroom, not only the old friends for many years, but also the admiring newfriends. Delicious applied products attracted a lot of customers stop to tasteand the technicians and sale staffs communicate with the customers happily. In thechallenging year of 2016, Tianjinchunfa Group will take the exhibition as an opportunity to develop more newproducts to meet market and industry needs.