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Going forward with a brilliant future – Tianjin Chunfa Group reform to start the new journey in 2016
Date: 2016-07-16
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06 Jan 2016, Tianjin Chunfa group “Working Summary in2015 and Working Mobilization in 2016 Meeting” ceremoniously held in TianjinGrand Hall.

In thepast 2015,facing the new normal in the Chinese economy, Chunfa peopleconsistently work hard and keep the down to the earth spirits, improved theinternal management, deepened the external market, despite the market environmentis not satisfactory, still steadily went through 2015. Tianjin Chunfa grouppresident Xing Haifa, General Manager Xing Haiming and Depute C.O.O. XingHaipeng made the Conference Report respectively, who summarizes the achievementsand the shortages in 2015 and clarify direction of the future development and2016 target. In 2016, Tianjin Chunfa group reform will be officially steppedinto the stage of implementation and the following major initiatives will betaken: 1. Determine the company's future development strategy and direction,focus on the implementation. 2. With the purpose of “ To better meet customersdemands”, optimizing the company's organizational structure and processes,improving the internal management mechanism, establishing the efficienthorizontal linkage mechanism 3. The implementation of new, incentivecompensation and performance management system, let the devotee get the reasonablereturn  

During the meeting, 2015 outstanding employees andoutstanding team were commended. The poll taken by the central recommendation,full participation in democratic selection, let the employees choose their ownrecognized outstanding employees, so that the outstanding staff and their deedswill really inspire positive energy in the company.

In the evening,Tianjin Chunfa Group held the “2016 Chunfa Family Party” in Huanmei Restaurant.On this important day for Chunfa people, President and other the board ofdirectors leaders presented the New Year's blessing to all employees. Everybodydrinks and laughs and happiness around the Hall. Every blessing contains thethanks to the hard working by employees from the leaders and also thefriendship among the employees. All these friendship will accompany us themagnificent new journey in 2016.